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Antelope Creek Ranch Wagyu

Top Sirloin Steak

Top Sirloin Steak

Top Sirloin Steak

Top Sirloin (sometimes called a Baseball Steak since it sort of looks like a baseball when it’s cooked) is a cut that a lot of people have never heard of. Pity them, because this is the smart man’s Tenderloin… flavorful, lean, juicy, versatile, and… yes… very, very tender.

Because it’s Wagyu. But you already knew that. Great served as a steak or cut into kabobs.

Top Sirloin vary is size from 0.6 Lbs to 0.9 Lbs

Steaks are vacuum packaged as singles

FREE Shipping:  FedEx Ground and ships Monday or Tuesday and generally arrives within two business days within the state of Colorado.

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