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Antelope Creek Ranch Wagyu

Ribs - Korean Style

Ribs - Korean Style

Wagyu ribs, cut Korean-style, offer a delectable fusion of high-quality Wagyu beef and the bold, savory flavors of Korean cuisine. The intricate marbling within the meat ensures each bite is incredibly succulent and flavorful. 

 The beef's natural richness melds seamlessly with the bold and slightly spicy Korean seasonings and marinades.

If you choose, Korean-style Wagyu ribs are typically marinated in a mixture that includes, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, and brown sugar.

These ribs are best prepared by grilling, allowing the marinade to caramelize and infuse the meat with a smoky, charred flavor. 

The Korean cut ribs are in packages of approx 2 Lbs to 2.5 Lbs per package.

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