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Farm to Table

  •  The care of our animals is a top priority.
  •  They are housed in an environment & handled in a way that causes as little stress as possible.
  •  At birth a Federal Electronic Information (FEIT) Tag  is placed in the animal’s ear.  Every life event (date of birth, birth weight, weaning weight,   changes in feeding rations, etc.) is completely tracked.
  •  For the consumer, that means that each steak, roast, or other cut,  can be tracked to the individual animal.
  •  The peace of mind of knowing where your beef has come from is enormous!


  • Our Cattle receive no antibiotics or hormones  - birth to harvest.  Antibiotics or Hormones are not given in feed, water, or by injection. If an animal has a medical need for antibiotics, usage will be recorded and the animal is removed from our All-Natural Beef Program.
  • Our cattle are Vegetarian Fed.
  •  All our cattle are USDA grade inspected.

 Our Ranch

Antelope Creek Ranch Wagyu is owned and operated by Brad and Tammy Yoder and their 2 children.  2012 is when everything got started.

Over the past several years we have grown our heard to include Verified & Registered Wagyu Cattle.  They are verified Wagyu through a DNA testing process with our Wagyu Associations.

We only select the top Genetics in the breed and carefully select matings. Using these great quality genetics results in the superior taste & health benefits in our beef.

We are very dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our herds. We handle all our cattle with ease & finesse, not to cause stress. With the help of our Nutritionist we have developed a feeding program like no other, including Spent brewers grains from local Breweries. We concentrate on the different  developmental stages & feed appropriate rations for these stages. Our herd is free of any antibiotic or hormone usage.


Everything put together has elevated our All Natural Beef Program to surpass many expectations. The quality of our beef is extraordinarily above all mainstream beef    production standards, and above anything that you can find in a grocery store.

The difference in health benefits and taste is absolutely amazing!     


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